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Customer: Black Diamond Equipment Ltd.
Salt Lake City, UT
Contractor: Direct
Date Completed: 1996
Scope: Machine Design in Collaboration with Black Diamond
Controls Design and Integration
More Carabiners
Increased yield and improved quality.
The Bender End View
The Carabiner Bender created a cleaner work area and used less space.
The Carabiner Bending Machine automated the cutting and bending operation. The new machine is loaded once in the morning with bar stock and runs continuously unattended throughout the day. The machine counts parts made and stops when the order is done. The tooling can be changed to allow many types of carabiners to be formed including those with asymmetric (non-round) cross-sections. The unload operation has the capability to load the formed carabiners on to a rack that can be part of a continuous process for future automation of the entire production cycle. The machine reduced production time, improved the quality, and allowed for new model designs using asymmetrical cross-section bar stock.
  • Automatic Bar Feeding

  • Automatic Bar Shear

  • Adaptable to Various Shaped Bar Stock

  • Orientation of Stock Maintained during Loading
Bar Stock Shear and Feed
Bar Stock is automatically cut and fed into the Bender