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Customer: AFGD / Capitol Glass
Contractor: Direct
Date Completed
Salt Lake City, UT
Albuquerque, NM
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Scope: Complete Upgrade of Tempering Oven Control System
Tempering Oven
The tempering oven

  • Upgraded and Improved Existing Equipment
  • Seamless Integration of New System
    with No Down-Time in Production

Capital Glassí tempering oven was built in the early nineties. The machine was mechanically fine, but its control system was antiquated and required constant maintenance. Capital Glass had no drawings or manuals on the control system. The machine was built by Tamglass Inc. from Finland which made it extremely expensive to service and caused long downtimes. A new control system was designed and built for the process. The new system was installed next to the old system and wired in parallel. A switch determined which controlled the machine. The new system was troubleshot and checked out in evenings and weekends with the machine running during the day on the old system. When the new system was perfected, the old electronics were removed and replaced over a weekend. There was no downtime during this period. The new controls allowed for optimization of the rolling space inside the oven and tighter temperature control resulting in greater tempered glass output. It incorporated motion and temperature recipes that allow for quick and consistent setup changes. Capitol Glass then contracted Automation Design and Service to upgrade two other ovens (in New Mexico and Canada) SCADA and Push buttons
Improved operator station with SCADA Screen and push-button controls