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Customer: U.S. Army
Dugway Proving Grounds, Dugway, Utah
Contractor: Honeywell
Date Completed: 1996
Scope: PLC and SCADA Design, Fabrication, Programming, and Installation / Start-up / Check-out

The facility grounds.
The original Material Test Facility controls project was completed in 1996, and consisted of complete design and programming of the PLC and SCADA.
  • Redundant PLC Westinghouse HPPC-1500
  • Redundant Genesis SCADA software
  • Complete PLC and SCADA design, programming, installation, and training.

The original Westinghouse PLC.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers specification changed over the course of the project, and AD&S remained flexible to incorprate these changes into the PLC and SCADA development as needed.