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Customer: N.A.S.A
U.S. Naval Research Lab
Contractor: Javelin 3D
Salt Lake City, UT
Date Completed: 1998
Scope: Complete Machine Design, Fabrication, Programming, and Implementation
The Steamroller (SR) automates the material measurement, solvent application, and material delivery of specially treated material used in Layer Object Manufacturing rapid prototyping. By automating the prep and delivery of the laminates, greater consistency is achieved. The operator is free to perform other tasks while the process continues automatically.
  • AD&S provided conceptual
    process development consultation
  • Four Axes Coordinated Stepper Control
  • Galil Motion Controller
  • LCD Operator Interface
The complicated manual process of hand laying metalized sheets with a thin, even coat of solvent was made fully automatic by the Steamroller.

The extended SR roller
The Material Roller extends into the L.O.M. to deliver single sheets of prepared material.
The Steamroller
The Steamroller mates with L.O.M. technology to fully
automate the rapid prototyping process.